'Single, transferable' (2011)

A lone gesture in a vast public space, Single, transferable is a sculpture for Haydarpasa station. Stacked wooden euro-pallets form a perpendicular column, their surfaces carefully polished to a high-gloss finish. Manufactured in Turkey according to EC standardised dimensions, the work attempts to transform an object destined for circulation within an economic and political zone to which its relationship is highly contested.

'Özgür Kıl' (2011)

The ferry boat is the setting for ‘Özgür Kıl’, a biro drawing exploring the somewhat tired, yet enduring motif of 'the island' as a short-cut to escapism. Presenting the sublime deep blue sea, drained of its colour against an off-centre text overlay, ‘Özgür Kıl’ (eng. Emancipate) co-opts familiar visual languages of advertising. As the boat crosses back and forth the Bosphorus, the drawing mimics the island's position in real space, on the edge of two continents.