Torna is a new contemporary art space in Kadıköy, İstanbul. Torna first opened its doors to public in September 2011 during the Dial Zero Art Trail. As well being the headquarters and one of the stops of the trail, it was also collaborating with Banner Repeater from London with The Diagram : Blackboard Series project.

The diagram: Blackboard Series is a contributive and sequential series of diagrams, drawn onto the blackboard, in the working environment of the reception area at SPACE (studios and gallery) in London. Reflecting on the focus of the diagram over the last year at Banner Repeater, in its environment of a working station, and acting a little, perhaps, as a rear-view mirror, to move forwards.

A number of people who have engaged with the diagram over the last year at BR have been asked to contribute a diagram for the blackboard. The series is ephemeral in nature, being drawn in chalk, and there may be some consideration about how each contribution relates to the others, and how much of a palimpsest does this present.

Simultaneously, Banner Repeater sent to Torna the series of diagrams as they were drawn at SPACE, which were then translated by Torna, drawing the diagram on the blackboard for each new contribution.
Artists participated : Claire Nichols, Dean Kenning, Dave Burrows, John Mullarkey, Clunie Reid

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Selected images from the project and Torna